About me

Picture of EricaI’m a researcher at the Centre for the Analysis of Time Series (CATS) at LSE and a Fellow of the London Mathematical Laboratory.

I’m interested in statistics, uncertainty, climate change, and the appropriate use of mathematical modelling to support real-world decisions, as well as all aspects of the transition to genuinely sustainable ways of living and working.




My research interests focus on realistic evaluation of climate information for decision-making, communication of the inherent uncertainty, and improving robustness and usability of information that is relevant for decisions in mitigation, adaptation, insurance and business. A particular application is my previous work with the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change, providing robust climate science information for their Global Calculator project, which has inspired further research questions and knowledge exchange efforts. I also acted as Knowledge Integrator for the AVOID 2 programme, directly funded by DECC, DEFRA and NERC.

I am interested in personal as well as organisational decision-making, and the motivations and factors that influence individuals to take action to reduce their own carbon footprint.  I am reducing my own ecological footprint to a “One Planet” level and do not fly to conferences, instead exploring other ways to contribute to those out of physical reach.