Please feel free to invite me to join your event.  I’m delighted by every invitation though unfortunately cannot do everything.  I aim to prioritise requests to speak to non-academic audiences and early-career researchers.

Since 2008 I have reduced my work-related carbon emissions by not flying for talks or conferences. In 2020 this became a new normal!  Virtual contributions are marked below with a *star.

Podcasts and interviews

If you’re looking for a good starting point to understand more about my work and don’t have time to read the book yet, the Volts podcast linked below is an accessible and fun introduction to the key themes (with a climate change slant).

Escape from Model Land is also available as an audiobook! (English only for now)

Keynotes and public events

Other talks

  • Invited talk: Disaster Risk Financing in Model Land and in the Real World. Grantham Institute Workshop, LSE Grantham Institute, June 2024
  • Invited panellist: The morals of modelling. Modelling World (transport modelling conference), June 2024
  • Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. PRA (Bank of England) internal seminar, June 2024
  • Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. Flood Re internal seminar, June 2024
  • *Invited discussant: The nexus of data, models and normative theorising. Climate Mobilities: Justice Data and Governance conference, Princeton, May 2024
  • Invited talk: The art and science of model evaluation. OASIS Insight Conference, April 2024
  • Lunch and Learn session: UK Climate Change Committee. April 2024
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. ERBE CDT annual student-led conference, April 2024
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. “Digital Urban Cultures” lecture series at the City Science Lab, HafenCity University, Hamburg/online, April 2024.
  • Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. CMMID seminar, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, March 2024
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. MINDS UiB & System Dynamics Society, Bergen/online, March 2024
  • STEaPP Staff Seminar: Dr Erica Thompson, Feb 2024
  • *Contributed talk: Non-ergodic perspectives on evaluation of models and forecasts, EE2024, February 2024
  • Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. UCL Earth Sciences departmental seminar, Jan 2024
  • *Invited talk: Human priorities, machine decisions?  Australian Academy of the Humanities 54th annual symposium, Nov 2023
  • Invited talk: Escape from Model LandManaging Risk, Embracing Uncertainty, in Pensions.  CISI, London, Oct 2023
  • *Invited panellist: Beyond economics: the DCF method applied to ISDS.  Columbia Centre for Sustainable Investment: International Investment Law and Policy Speaker Series, Oct 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escape From Model Land.  Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University, Oct 2023.
  • *Invited speaker + panellist: Escape from Model LandEconomic and Strategic Research: Industry Insights, Fannie Mae, Oct 2023
  • Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. Romney Street Group at the Athenaeum, London, Oct 2023
  • *Invited speaker + panellist: From Model Land to Real Life: Navigating the Complexities of Net-Zero Modelling.  Transition accelerator and Energy Modelling Hub, Canada, Sept 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. Scottish Government, Sept 2023
  • *Invited speaker + panellist: Is Model Land a barrier to innovation?  New Zealand Government Economics Network annual conference, NZ, August 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land, Open Energy Modelling Initiative, July 2023 
  • *Interview/discussion: Escape from Model Land, Edison Electric Institute member webinar, June 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land, UK Environment Agency (Evidence and Risk), May 2023
  • *Invited discussion: Escape from Model Land, World Federation of Exchanges research webinar series, April 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land, Junges ZiF workshop: Navigating Model Land: Connecting Basic Research and Decision-Making, Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung, Bielefeld University, March 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land, UK Department of Work and Pensions, Analytical Community Seminar, London, March 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escaping from Model Land, Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University, March 2023
  • *Invited talk: Models, mathematics, and data science: how to make sure we’re answering the right questions, CIVICA Social Data Science Seminar, March 2023
  • Invited talk: Becoming a good mathematician: practical ethics for the mathematical sciences, LSE Women In Maths seminar, London, March 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land, UK Government Economic Service (internal webinar), London, March 2023
  • *Invited talk: Escaping from Model Land, Swiss National Bank (internal webinar), Zurich, Feb 2023
  • *Session chair: Ergodicity Economics conference, online/Portugal, Jan 2023
  • Invited talk: All models are normative, Royal Statistical Society event on Responsible Modelling, London, Jan 2023
  • Contributed talk: Evaluating models and escaping from Model Land, DSI Research Showcase, LSE, Dec 2022
  • Panellist: Data Science, AI and sustainability, DSI x Ekimetrics, Dec 2022
  • Book launch event: Escape From Model Land, LSE, Dec 2022
  • Invited reflection: The Potential for Anticipatory Action and Disaster Risk Financing, Start Network Assembly, London, Oct 2022
  • Invited talk: What should scientists do differently after we realise that “all models are wrong”? Bristol University Engineering Department, Oct 2022.
  • Invited talk: Understanding the limitations of mathematical modelling for sustainable transitions and risk management.NNIP Summer Course in Sustainable Investing, London/online, Oct 2022
  • *Session chair: Data Science and Climate Change, CIVICA Data Science Days, Florence, Oct 2022
  • Invited talk: Practical tips for escaping from Model Land.  Confronting Radical Uncertainty. Royal Society discussion meeting, London, Oct 2022 (postponed from April 2020)
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land: the limits of modelling.  Modelling and Simulation Discussion Group, Wageningen University, May 2022
  • *Invited talk: Aren’t the laws of physics the same for everyone? Exploring the ethics of modelling and simulation. Minisymposium on Ethics in Mathematics, BAMC, April 2022
  • *Session chair: Ergodicity Economics 2022, Jan 2022
  • *Invited talk: Confidence and uncertainty in extreme climatic events. OECD Environment Policy Committee, Dec 2021
  • *Invited talk: Escape From Model Land: The Dangers Of Over-Confidence In Mathematical Models And How To Avoid It. Z/Yen FS Club, Oct 2021
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land.  Scottish actuarial webinar series, Oct 2021
  • *Invited panel member, Systemic Resilience, OECD-NAEC / Fields / Rebuilding Macroeconomics webinar, May 2021
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land. Warwick Mathematics for Real-World Systems (MathSys) CDT annual conference, April 2021
  • *Invited talk: Escape from Model Land.  Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Member Interest Group (Economics), Feb 2021
  • *Invited talk: On the co-development of models and expert judgement.  Workshop on values, choices and uncertainties in climate modelling.  Stockholm, Feb 2021
  • *Invited discussant: Assessing the socio-economic losses and damages from climate change.  OECD, Jan 2021
  • *Invited panel member: How do evidence-based models contribute to the SDGs? STRINGS seminar, University of Sussex, Oct 2020
  • *Invited talk: The co-development of models and expert judgement.  Workshop on Climate Information for Adaptation, Leeds, Oct 2020
  • *Invited talk: Decolonising Model Land: a provocation.  Workshop on Energy, Data and Modelling.  University of Oxford, Sept 2020

Teaching contributions

  • Guest lecturer for UCL MSc module (Introduction to Modelling, Methods and Scenarios), 2023;
  • Guest lecturer for UCL MSc module (Risk Assessment and Governance), 2021;
  • Guest lecturer for Imperial College MSc module (Global Environmental Change and Policy), 2012/13/14/15/16/17;
  • Organiser: Understanding Uncertainty in Environmental Modelling (NERC Advanced Training, five workshops in total, three separate grants), LSE, 2014, 2015, 2017;
  • Guest lecturer for 1st and 2nd year Geology UG, Imperial College, 2010/12/14